1. Hodl – A mispelling of hold that gained traction with Bitcoin traders and investors that means to hold onto your coins through dips and rises.
  2. The HalveningThe amount of new coins created and earned by the mining of new blocks of transactions is reduced by 50%.
  3. Fiat
  4. Hard Fork Vs Soft ForkA hard fork in blockchain DAAPS, is a protocol switch that validates or negates previous blocks in the chain.
  5. To the moon
  6. Plunge protection team
  7. Shill
  8. Whales
  9. Rekt
  10. Bagholders
  11. Buy wall
  12. Trollbox
  13. Bear trap
  14. BearWhale
  15. Dao
  16. Altcoins
  17. Shitcoins
  18. FUD
  19. Blockreward
  20. Hashrate
  21. shapeshift
  22. wallet
  23. pump and dump
  24. shillcoin
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