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Cryptocurrency: Basic Info To Help You Get A General Idea Of The Digital Currency



You may have heard of cryptocurrency but not sure what it was. Simply put, it’s an encoded, decentralized digital currency that is transmitted between people and noted in a public ledger in a process called mining. It’s important before you start trading in cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, that you learn the basics and its anatomy.


3 Basic Pieces Of Cryptocurrency You Should Understand Before You Start Trading


Public Ledgers


Litecoin Facts

What is Litecoin

The verified transactions at the beginning of cryptocurrency creation are recorded on a public ledger. Who owns the cryptocurrency is encrypted, but the system uses a plethora of cryptographic methods to maintain legitimate records.   The ledger is designed to keep up the spending balance to ensure its accuracy.


New transactions are verified to be sure that all transactions use coins the spender currently owns. According to Bitcoin, the ledger is a “transaction block chain.”




These are the transfer of money from one digital wallet to another. A transaction is turned into a public ledger where it will then be verified. Wallets will use a cryptographic signature that offers mathematical proof that the owner is the one carrying out the transaction. It can take several minutes for the process to complete… in a process Bitcoin calls mining. This process will verify the transactions and include them in the public ledger.



Antminer Bitcoin Miners

Bitmain Antminer S9j

This process will confirm transactions and include them into the public ledger. For a transaction to be added to the ledger, the miner will need to perform several increasingly-difficult mathematical problems. Anybody can verify transactions, as mining is considered open source.


The first miner that solves the problem can write a block of transactions on the ledger. Each piece of the puzzle work in conjunction with each other to make sure that nobody can easily change a block.


Any related transactions of an added block are permanent. A small fee is placed on the miner’s wallet as well as new coins. The coins’ value, which is called proof-to-work, comes from the mining process.


What Makes Cryptocurrency So Different From Oher Financial Systems


Now, you may be wondering how cryptocurrency is different, besides being a digital currency, from other financial systems that have been in place for several decades. While there can be some exceptions, the factors listed below make the cryptocurrency system much different than what you’re currently used to.


Adaptive Scale


This means cryptocurrencies have measures in place that make sure they can work in both small and large scales.


For instance, Bitcoin is designed to let one transaction block to be mined every 10 minutes.  The algorithm makes adjustments after 2016 blocks have been mined (about two weeks), making it harder or easier based on the length of time it took for the mining to finish. If it took 15 days to mine the 2016 blocks, the algorithm finds it too difficult and make adjustments to decrease the level of difficulty. If it took 11 days to mine the blocks, the algorithm finds it too easy and will make it harder to mine.


There are other measures involved in digital coins that permit adaptive scaling such as limiting supply for a time and decreasing mining rewards.




Cryptocurrency employs an AKA encryption that handles coin creation and confirms transactions.




The majority of circulating currencies are operated by a centralized government, which is then third-party regulated. However, cryptocurrency is open-source, which means there is no centralized government. Instead, it’s a peer-to-peer network that’s controllable by code. No one person can control the currency.




Traditional currency involves physical objects such as paper money or coins. However, cryptocurrency has no physical objects – just digital. These digital coins are kept in a digital wallet and are digitally moved from one wallet to another.


Open Source


Since cryptocurrency is open-source, it means developers are permitted to generate APIs without a fee, and anybody can join and use the network.




The majority of cryptocurrencies have a proof-to-work system, which uses an easily verifiable computational puzzle to lower the chance of mining exploitation.  Think of it like a captcha that’s difficult to answer.




Cryptocurrency owners maintain digital coins in a digital wallet that’s encrypted. Their identification is kept a private address only they control. The connection between the owner and their coins is kept pseudonymous, as ledgers are public record.




For a currency to be effective, there needs to be some value to it. The U.S. dollar was a representation of gold. When gold became scarce, it required additional work to mine. This additional mining caused its and the U.S. dollar value to rise.


Cryptocurrency works in a similar fashion. Coins are made by miners, who are people running programs on specially-designed hardware to answer proof-to-work puzzles. The work they do give coins their value; the scarcity and demand of the coins cause the fluctuation of their value.  Besides the proof-to-work system, there’s also the proof-of-stage, which is another system that validates coins.


Value is also produced when transactions are inputted into the public ledger, generating a confirmed transaction block. Value can come from other factors such as supply and demand and utility.


It’s okay if you’re still confused about how cryptocurrency works, but understanding its basics and ideas can certainly help you get a better grasp of the digital currency. The best thing you can do is read up or watch videos as much as you can about the topic. Do that, and eventually, you’ll have a greater understanding of the currency and how it works.


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